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At GoLeanSigma, our goal is to enable our clients and their employees to drive change, reduce waste against their customers and stakeholders, and achieve greater profitability and independence for the business.

Our Mission

We are passionate about improving ourselves and our clients. We believe in Lean Management and SixSigma as the most powerful mindsets and tools that can be applied anywhere, anytime, across every organization.

Our mission is to create transparency in processes as a basis for improving our customers' efficiency and robustness.

Our portfolio

Business Excellence

We offer planning, project management and implementation of a holistic management or performance measurement system for your company.


From leadership trainings to Lean Six Sigma trainings – we help to build expertise of your employees


To provide our clients with a tailored plan for next steps, we conduct audits of business systems and processes.


We develop customized digital tools to help you increase efficiency through digitalization.


The Customer is always the focus.

Customer value is the starting point for driving continuous improvement throughout the organization.


Right People with right attitude and skillset.

To be successful, you need the right people with the right attitude. Strong leadership qualities of the management are crucial


Lean Processes throughout the whole organization.

It takes clearly defined and transparent processes to work effectively and efficiently.


Right Tools to support and secure success.

To improve processes along the value chain of a company, the right tools are required.


Customer, People, Process, Tools

We think our concept is essential as a management task to drive continuous improvement throughout the organization. At GoLeanSigma we help our customers to implement this concept.

Strive for perfection to achieve excellence.

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