Increase the Efficiency of your Processes and Reduce

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Enhance Operational Efficiency
Enhance Efficiency, Reduce Costs.
Optimize Workplaces
Waste reduction through standards in the workplace
Continuous improvement
Involve your employees in the journey

Easily find levers to increase Efficiency

Improve processes, optimize resources, and analyze data to reduce errors and cut costs, ultimately boosting productivity.

Optimize Workplaces

Create and ensure waste reduction standards in your workplaces.

Start a continuous improvement culture

Ensure that your employees are involved in efficiency improvement to achieve optimal results

Work Sampling Analysis

Multimoment analysis is a very powerful technique for evaluating productivity, efficiency and work patterns by measuring the proportion of time spent on different activities. It has never been easier and more efficient to start and perform a Work Sampling Analysis.
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5S/6S Audit

The 5S/6S audit evaluates the implementation of standards in the workplace. It ensures that principles are being followed and identifies areas for improvement that promote efficiency, safety and productivity.
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Meeting Cost Calculator

Our Meeting Cost Calculator is an extremely useful tool for recording and analyzing the costs of business or team meetings. It makes it possible to make the financial effort and resources associated with meetings transparent and ultimately save costs.
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GLS Lean journey in figures

$20-50K  Savings per year

By using GLS Lean Management tools, and finding levers for efficiency improvements, our clients annually save between 20k and 50k USD.

CI Culture

With the GLS Lean Management Tools and our trainings, our customers establish a culture of continuous improvement to gradually get more efficient.


More than 10k data gatherings were performed with out digital WSA tool - resulting in more than 100 improvement projects in 2023


Due to improved workplace safety, our customers could substantially lower their LTIR

>50% Time Savings

Save more than 50% of time used to perform 5S/6S audits


25% less investment due to improvement using our GLS tools

What our clients say about us

I am impressed with its capabilities. This app has completely revolutionized the way I manage my projects. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for me to organize my work.
Johanna F.
Lean Manager
Overall, this app has simplified my professional life in ways I couldn't have imagined. It's a solution that caters to my organizational needs. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking an efficient and effective way to manage their projects."
Jonas H.
The app's user-friendly interface ensures it's accessible to team members with varying levels of lean management familiarity. It simplifies process visualization, helping us identify bottlenecks and waste effortlessly. This perspective forms a strong basis for driving improvements.
Walter M.

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Unlimited audits
Unlimited areas
Unlimited reports

per user/ per month
  • Unlimited audits/ reports
  • Access to all lean management tools
  • after 30 days - Monthly cancellable


Renew your subscription yearly and get 17% discount
  • Unlimited audits/ reports
  • Access to all lean management tools
  • cancellable after 12 months

Yearly - Enterprise

5 or even more user for your organization

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  • 5 or more users for the same areas, audits and tasks etc....
  • Unlimited audits/ reports
  • Access to all lean management tools
  • Be the first to test new lean management tools that have not yet been released

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