Meeting Cost Calculator

Our meeting cost calculator is a useful tool for recording and analyzing the costs of business or team meetings. It enables us to make the financial effort and resources associated with meetings transparent and to initiate improvements.

Increased Efficiency

by tracking the cost of a meeting, organizations can determine if the investment in a meeting is justified. This can lead to more efficient use of resources and reduce unnecessary or unproductive meetings.

Budget Control

a meeting cost counter allows organizations to better control their meeting spend and plan budgets effectively. By monitoring costs, they can ensure that financial resources are being used wisely.

Data Analytics

by collecting information about meetings and their associated costs, organization scan analyze data to identify patterns and identify opportunities for improvement. This can help optimize meetings and increase productivity.

How it works

Why use Meeting Cost Calculator

Our meeting cost calculator is essentially a tool that calculates the costs incurred for a meeting. Various parameters can be taken into account, such as the number of participants, the duration of the meeting, the salaries of the participants, the cost of the room, the technology or the catering. Based on this information, the calculator can determine the total cost amount and even output the cost per minute or per participant if required.

Lean Management Toolbox App

Effiziente und einfach zu bedienende App zur Unterstützung Ihrer Meetings oder 5S- bzw. 6S-Audits. Ob im Büro, im Labor oder in der Produktion. Durch den Einsatz der GoLeanSigma Lean Management Toolbox erreichen Sie die Transparenz, die notwendig ist um Ihre Unternehmensprozesse zu verbessern.
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