Work Sampling Analysis

Work sampling analysis is a method of analyzing the workplace and collecting information about various work activities and conditions. It is used to obtain a detailed overview of work processes, time distribution and various factors in the workplace.

Time Study

Insights into task allocation, identifying inefficiency, waiting, bottlenecks, enabling workflow optimization, productivity improvement, and reducing unnecessary delays.

Resource Allocation

Organizations make informed decisions about resource allocation by understanding employee time usage for optimal utilization and cost-effectiveness.

Process Improvement

Analyzing data identifies process improvement opportunities, enabling streamlined operations, eliminating redundancies, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Workload Balancing

Helps assess workload distribution, identify imbalances and redistribute workload to increase productivity, reduce stress and prevent burnout.

Performance Evaluation

Provides objective data for performance evaluation, feedback, and identifying areas for improvement through time proportion analysis.

Workforce Planning

Supports strategic workforce planning by providing insight into scheduling and forecasting needs, identifying skills gaps, and providing information for hiring, training, and restructuring.

How it works

Why Work Sampling Analysis

Multimoment analysis is a technique for measuring the percentage spent on different activities in a work environment. It provides an overview of how time is allocated to different tasks and can help evaluate productivity, efficiency and work patterns.
By collecting data using multimoment analysis, it is possible to estimate the percentage of time spent on specific activities. This information can be valuable for analyzing workflow, identifying bottlenecks, determining resource allocation, and improving productivity. Multimoment analysis can be used in a variety of work environments, including manufacturing plants, offices, the service sector, and healthcare facilities.

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